sitenote: A booking platform for music venues

After months of customer development, we had identified the specific needs of both music venues and artists and knew what kind of features to include. Presenting to an audience of people outside the music industry, we knew our model might not exactly strike a cord (pun very much intended) as a table on a slide. We needed a product demo that visualized the flow of a venue discovering and booking an act and showcased the nuances of the product we were looking to create. Here it is:

[P.S everyone on the ‘discover’ page is a real performing musician we had interviewed!]



A brand identity for Research at NYUAD

Research at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) is multidisciplinary, far reaching and diverse. The different research centers came with their own brand identities – we needed something that brought them under an adaptable & easily accessible identity that would represent them as a collective in various contexts.

A black triangle – Our message is that research can (literally) be found any where at NYUAD, it’s what we do. Triangles are everywhere on our campus! Our buildings are laid out in triangles, almost every building has a wooden pyramid structure, and our outdoor grounds are laid out in triangles.

Yellow – From the the NYUAD color palette, we chose the brightest and least used one. So underused in fact, that they had considered removing it until we brought forth our proposal! The campus is filled with purples & blue, and our large yellow posters definitely stand out and a departure from usual administrative branding.

This is was a collaboration with the talented Shenuka Corea – Show her some love. Our proposal was selected and I’ll be coordinating it’s implementation during NUAD’s annual research conference this year.

Learn more about Research at NYUAD here.



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Underground: Music Tech at NYUAD

When assigned to design material for NYUAD’s Music Technology program, I wanted to highlight the students first, create conversation starters and have the Music Tech community spread its own message. The shirts are insider references that are confusing enough to have an outsider ask questions and get the conversation going. The stickers label the students, the equipment (think laptop sticker), the recording studios and ultimately the school as music makers.



A reference to ‘master faders’, commonly used piece of equipment among Music Tech students
00 shirt mu tec
Microphones need 48V. It’s a reference to ‘phantom power’